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BSPA Book-Bag Drive 2019

The Black Shield Police Association


On Saturday, July 27 BSPA members distributed book-bags to students from the Buckeye-Shaker and Central neighborhoods to assist their families in back to school shopping. The average cost for a typical "back-to-school" middle school student is upwards of $500 via NBC News.

We remember back to school shopping with our parents and many of the sacrifices and struggles our parents had to make to help us succeed. We are proud to be able to give back to these deserving kids and families. We also provided free haircuts and hair-care for students.

If you are still interested in supporting local kids in Cleveland with school supplies, we are still taking donations throughout the year.

Please visit:

  1. Click "Donate"

  2. Selected the drop-down menu for "BSPA Bookbag Drive"

Special thank you to Frank Wiley at WEWS who helped us get out the word to Cleveland residents - your generous financial support has helped Cleveland kids succeed!


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