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Member of the Month

Farid Alim

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PO Farid Alim began his career with the Cleveland Division of Police in March 1992, where he was assigned to basic patrol in Cleveland's 6th District. He served in basic patrol until October 1998. PO Alim was assigned to the Fresh Start Unit, where he served until September 2001. He then was assigned to the Strike Force Unit until it was disbanded following the layoffs in 2004.


In August 2005, PO Farid Alim was transferred to the 4th District basic patrol section through April 2006. He would later be assigned to the 4th District Vice Unit, where he served until 2019. PO Farid Alim is currently detailed to BSI. 


PO Alim was recognized by the BSPA as the Officer of the Year in 1998. In 1999, PO Alim was named Officer of the Year by the Collinwood Community Council. He was also recognized by the BSPA with a President's Award at the October 2019 Dinner Dance for displaying outstanding courage in his fight to overcome cancer. PO Alim has received a Chief's letter for his assistance in the arrest of Anthony Sowell. Currently, PO Farid Alim serves as the BSPA's Outer Guard.


PO Farid Alim, a product of the Alabama School System, enjoys traveling and listening to good music while on the road.


PO Farid Alim is recognized as the BSPA's Officer of the Month for September 2021 for his courage and dedication to the Division and the BSPA.

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