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Detective Shona Vanzant April 2021 Member of the Month

Updated: May 4, 2021

The Black Shield Police Association


Detective Vanzant is a graduate of JFK High School and obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from David Meyers University in 2002. Before joining the Cleveland Police Department in 2011, Detective Shona Vanzant was an office clerk and a pipe repairman with the Water Department. She began her transition to public safety in 2006 as an EMS public servant.

For her first eight years with the Division, Det. Vanzant served in Cleveland's 5th District and notably attended Crisis Intervention Training and the LGBTQ Awareness for Law Enforcement course which she learned about key resources for LGBTQ residents.

In 2019, Det. Vanzant transferred to the Technology Integration Unit, the unit where she currently serves. "

To me, policing means upholding the law in a professional and courteous way, keeping the citizens safe, and being respectful."

Det. Shona Vanzant is recognized as the BSPA's Officer of the Month for April 2021 for her years of service and dedication to the BSPA.



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