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P.O. Karl Lloyd July 2020 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


Patrol Officer Karl Lloyd Officer Karl Lloyd, Sr. began his career with the Cleveland Division of Police in October 2009, months before his 51st birthday. For fifteen years, he worked in the Municipal Court system as a jailer (Corrections Officer), before actualizing his dream of becoming a policeman.

P.O. Lloyd is the eighth person in his family to become a police officer! He gained a love of the community service watching his father in Jamaica during various community parades interacting with residents and protecting the community from external threats. He remembers “shining [his father’s] boots and belt buckle at the St. Ann’s Bay Police Station.” Currently, Officer Lloyd is serving in the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Police Unit. He was featured as an "Everyday Hero" in April 2020 by Channel 19 News, in a heartwarming story told by his daughter, Janet.

P.O. Lloyd states that he knows how to interact with all levels of human beings due to his experience working within the public jail system - he has gained respect from individuals from all walks of life. Known to the public as a "gentle giant", Officer Lloyd continues his journey as a public servant with dignity and respect for the community.

We are proud of the wonderful work the P.O. Lloyd does for his community, family and friends. Join us in congratulating him as our BSPA's Officer of the Month for July 2020.



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