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P.O. Ashley Graham October 2019 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


Patrol Officer Ashley Graham has been a dedicated officer with the Cleveland Division of Police for 8 years, beginning as a traffic controller. P.O. Graham states “my career path to becoming a police officer started as a traffic controller; working alongside police officers every day motivated me to follow my dream of becoming an officer myself.”

P.O. Graham was eventually assigned to the 4th District - the same neighborhood where she grew up, protecting and inspiring the very individuals who knew her as a child. Continuing her desire to mentor future officers, she became a Field Training Officer; using her quick wit and cool temperament to illustrate 21st Century police reforms to a new group of community-based officers. ​

P.O. Graham now serves in the Community Relations Unit where she is thriving; she volunteers her time to attend various community fairs, meetings, forums and trainings always aiming to solidify her connection to the community and discovering new ways to expand her knowledge. In her own words, Ashley says that “volunteering makes me feel awesome!”

As a female officer, she knows that her presence, ideas and skills reflect the community she comes from. She believes that “women on the force are a necessity and that they bring something to the table that men do not. Each department should reflect the community as a whole, which includes women.”

Lastly, P.O. Graham states that she uses her influence to “be a person that people trust to keep them safe and resolve issues - this humbles me tremendously and I am forever grateful for this opportunity to serve Cleveland.”

P.O. Graham is also one of our most active BSPA members - we are especially proud of her innovative ideas and ability to complete all tasks at hand. We are proud of her today, and every single day.


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