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Detective Tonya Redding March 2021 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


Det. Tonya Redding has been with the Cleveland Division of Police for 20 years, spending most of her tour in Cleveland's 4th District. Prior to joining CPD, Det. Redding worked as a Corrections Officer for the Cuyahoga County Corrections Department.

Work aside, Det. Redding is a dedicated member of First Love Outreach Ministries, where she helps the homeless and families who are in need of food, clothing, and shelter. Det. Redding has also worked with various organizations and initiatives over the years, such as Tour of Good Cheer, Shop With a Cop, and Community College Camp for the Youth.

Det. Redding has been an active member of the Program Committee, helping to facilitate such events as the Anthony Johnson Dinner Dance and holiday parties.

Det. Tonya Redding is recognized as the BSPA's Officer of the Month for March 2021 for her passion and spirit of giving to the community.


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