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Lieutenant Shawn Smith June 2020 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


Lieutenant Shawn Smith is the Officer-in-Charge of the Training Section and a 22-year veteran of the Cleveland Division of Police. His area of command includes the Police Academy, Gymnasium, Field Training and Ordinance Units. He is also responsible for the delivery of Basic Peace Officer Recruit training, yearly in-service training and the development and implementation of curriculum related to the Department of Justice Consent Decree. He is also a member of the Cleveland Police Training Review Committee and Public Safety Training Center’s Law Enforcement Training Advisory Committee.

Early in his career, Lieutenant Smith served 9 years in uniform basic patrol before being assigned to the Division's Police Academy. Here, he specialized in Firearms, Tactical and Human Relations instruction. In 2010, he was certified by OPOTC as a Trainer of Trainers and in 2013, he was promoted to Sergeant and served as the Officer in Charge and Sector Supervisor for the Fifth District Police Headquarters. Later that year, he returned to the Academy Police as its Officer-in-Charge.

Fun Fact? He has fifteen years of military experience in the Ohio Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer and State Environmental Trainer (SET).

Lieutenant Smith holds an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice from Cuyahoga Community College. He is a graduate of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Leadership College (PELC) and completed the International Association of Chiefs of Police Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) training program.

Lieutenant Smith has received numerous accolades throughout his career, including the Distinguished Service Medal, the Chief’s Outstanding Unit award, several letters of commendation.

We are proud of Lieutenant Smith today and each day.



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