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P.O. Jovan Larkin BSPA June 2019 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


Officer Jovan Larkin began her career in 2007 and has spent 99% of that time in Cleveland’s 4th District neighborhood; she immediately began building relationships and tightening the bonds between police and the citizens she sworn to protect.

Through her devotion to volunteerism, she started small at local festivals, Halloween and Christmas parties - regularly participating in the “Tour of Good Cheer” which brings holiday cheer to families throughout the 4th District. Once P.O. Larkin earned her Law Enforcement Bicycle Association Certification, she was assigned to Bike Patrol, which allowed her even greater proximity to Cleveland residents.

In 2011, District 4 experienced a rash of aggravated robberies by a known perpetrator; P.O. Larkin apprehended this individual, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the City of Cleveland and the Division of Police. After this experience, P.O. Larkin decided to mentor younger officers, earning her certification as a Field Training Officer. She enthusiastically and firmly guides new Probationary Officers, always expressing her delight at upholding the oath of a Cleveland Police Officer.

Throughout her 12 year career, she continuously advocates physical fitness, always stating that “the body is a tool to continuously improve upon.” Little known fact: in 2016 she competed as a bikini body builder, winning a trophy both times! In 2017 she competed in the Ohio Police and Fire Games and was able to triumph over all competitors and bring home two 1st Place Gold Medals.

Officer Larkin now serves in the Bureau of Community Policing, Community Relations Unit. Her dedication to the citizens now extends beyond the borders of the 4th District, but now to the whole City of Cleveland. Her devotion to her craft and her allegiance to her community makes her the pinnacle of what every Police Officer should aspire to be.

We are especially proud of our incorruptible BSPA Member Jovan Larkin, this month and every day!


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