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P.O. Katherine Byrd BSPA January 2019 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


P.O. Katherine Byrd is our proud Black Shield Member of the Month, January 2019!  P.O. Byrd has been with Cleveland Division of Police since September 2016 and serves in the Fourth District since June 2017. She attended Kent State University for her undergrad and Loyola - New Orleans for her law degree.

P.O. Byrd states, "I am incredibly grateful I work with some of the best officers in the City - especially my partner Antonio Payne."  P.O. Byrd selflessly opened her house to her partner and his family, after they suffered a disastrous house fire over the holiday season

P.O. Byrd continues, "It is amazing to see everyone come together to help take care of him and his family.  Every person who contributed items and donations deserves thanks.  Thank you to the Black Shield for being there for the Payne Family."

We are very proud to support and celebrate P.O. Katherine Byrd!



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