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Statement on Recent Law Enforcement Deaths

Sergeant Vincent Montague, Jr. | President, The Black Shield Police Association


Recently, communities across the nation have suffered loss of officers in their departments. From fresh rookies, community policing experts, to veteran law enforcement officers, each loss of life is devastating in its own right. Yet and still, we continue to protect and serve.

The Black Shield Police Association expresses heartfelt condolences to the families, friends and communities affected. Give them insight and introspection, as well as strength to carry on in the midst of tragedy. Give them the courage to face ever-present dangers of this world and the compassion to watch over their communities with care and Constitutional duty.

We speak the names of the officers who have died in the line of duty and ask that true justice is served:

  • Officer Chateri Payne – Shreveport Police Department

  • Officer Dale Woods – Colerain Township Police Department

  • Officer Natalie Corona – Davis Police Department

  • Master Police Officer Joseph Shinners – Provo Police Department

  • Tribal Police Officer Clayton Townsend – Salt River Police Department

  • Trooper Christopher Lambert – Illinois State Police

  • Sergeant Wytasha Carter – Birmingham Police Department


Vincent Montague, Jr.



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