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Detective Theresa Crews and FGF Antoine Crews December 2019 Members of the Month

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

The Black Shield Police Association


Theresa and Antoine Crews are Glenville natives who both attended Glenville High School and were active in after-school activities; Theresa, as a cheerleader and Antoine participating in basketball and track. Their paths crossed many times, but they officially met again in East Cleveland in 2006, making their relationship official in 2007.

Around this time, both Theresa and Antoine began to lay the foundation of joining Northeast Ohio public safety forces - Antoine in the East Cleveland Fire Department and Theresa in the East Cleveland Police Department. Theresa has two Associates Degrees from Cuyahoga Community College and both are currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree from Cleveland State University.

Antoine Crews is an extremely active member of the Black Shield Police Association and the Vanguards of Cleveland, in which he serves as a Board Member. In 2015, Antoine founded the Heights Fire Academy which gives high school students the opportunity to receive joint certifications in both fire and EMT. That same year, FGF Crews joined the Cleveland Fire Department and is currently assigned to Medic Fire Station 40.

Theresa Crews is a model officer and detective, serving as a mentor to many young women; in 2012, she was a part of the first Cleveland lateral transfer class. She has gone on to serve in the 4th District and is currently assigned to the Domestic Violence Detective Bureau. Detective Crews believes that working with vulnerable populations is her calling; “serving these individuals on some of their darkest days, helps me give back to a city which has given me my purpose.”

The Crews are active and involved parents - you will often see them posting about their children’s latest achievements with pride and happiness. They enjoy having weekly “Taco Tuesday” nights with their kids, enjoy traveling with family and friends, karaoke and binge watching popular TV shows. As a unit, they personify the motto grit, grace and unity.

Fun fact - Antoine enjoys playing chess, working out and watching sports - especially basketball. He is a proud member of Iota Phi Theta.

The Crews state: “Together, we are unstoppable! We view ourselves as lovers of our community and the future of our respective departments. We are staunch advocates for diversifying the ranks our our public safety forces. We are determined to be a part of that positive and progressive change and are honored to do our small part.”

We are proud of their accomplishments - individually and as a unit today, and every day. Join us in congratulating them!


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