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P.O. Bobby Sumlin BSPA July 2019 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


Patrol Officer Bobby Sumlin has been a proud member of the Cleveland Division of Police for the past 11 years and is a Youth Outreach Member of the Black Shield Police Association. His career has been punctuated with all types of calls for service, stating that "these experiences allow me to relate to Cleveland residents on a personal level."

As an active Shield member, P.O. Sumlin most notably coaches the BSPA basketball team and recruits other officers to play and engage in a variety of community events. He aims to use physical activity as a means to connect with Cleveland youth, hopefully inspiring them to see public safety forces as a viable career option.

"So many kids have had negative life experiences but haven't allowed them to negatively impact their lives. I share their background, I come from their neighborhood; wearing this uniform shows people every single day that there is hope, and that there is always hope, especially for the younger generation."

When asked why he dedicates his free time to volunteering and serving Cleveland youth, Sumlin continues, "focusing on minority youth is my mission; we must continue to provide consistent positive role models. I am constantly motivating and motivated by seeing other young Black men serve as mentors, especially those who have come from the same streets we protect and serve."

P.O. Sumlin currently works in the 5th District Traffic Unit where he responds to a variety of citizen complaints. His future goals include: growing as a man, becoming a Detective within the Division and being appointed to Command Staff.

"With all of the negativity in the media, with so many individuals having poor or dangerous interactions with police, I believe our society is disconnected. I truly believe that through reaching out and being honest about our personal lives creates a sense of trust and a bond we can build upon."

P.O. Sumlin is being recognized for his outstanding work in our community and within our organization; we are proud of him today, and every day.


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