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P.O. Delonzo Goshen BSPA February 2019 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


In the morning hours of January 13, 2019, an alleged murder suspect found Patrol Officer Delonzo Goshen on social media stating he only wanted to go to the Cleveland Homicide Unit, if he could speak directly to him.  P.O. Goshen utilized his rapport to coordinate a controlled conversation and subsequent detention without incident, under the auspices of District 5 Commander Sammy Morris, Lieutenant Ali Pillow and Detective Reese.

This simple act allowed both the suspect and victim’s families to gain peace of mind.  The victim’s family has personally reached out to P.O. Goshen for his willingness to make a measurable impact on the community.

As an active community police officer, P.O. Goshen believes in the power of swift, fair and de-escalated Constitutional policing for all suspects.  P.O. Goshen served 8 years with Cleveland Division of Police and was previously employed at Zelma George Recreation Center as an instructor.  He has worked in both Community Relations and Recreation Departments, where he mentored at risk juveniles.

He is especially proud of his 4-year old daughter and wants nothing more than to be a positive role model for her.

We are especially proud of P.O. Delonzo Goshen, today and everday.


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