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P.O. Maliko Hamadi BSPA April 2019 Member of the Month

The Black Shield Police Association


Patrol Officer Maliko Hamadi did not have a traditional journey to becoming a Cleveland Division of Police Officer; a refugee from Jilib, Somalia, he came to the United States in 2007 and moved to Cleveland to pursue a career in law enforcement.

P.O. Hamadi was recently awarded a Somali-American Award presented by the Somali Community and supporters. His contributions in the field of law enforcement illustrate his desire to shape Cleveland into a more global and inclusive city while honoring the contributions of Cleveland's various immigrant groups and ethnic enclaves.

In an interview with Global Cleveland, P.O. Hamadi was asked about his desire to become a Cleveland Police Officer stating: "I’ve always wanted to be a police officer. In Cleveland, we’ve never had a Somalian police officer. Most Somalians, and refugees in general, think the police are out to “get them.” I’ve tried to explain to them that they are not there to “get you.” They are there to protect you. I want to be a role model for the community and set a good example."

Officer Hamadi currently serves in the Second District and is an extremely personable and active community officer. P.O. Hamadi states, "Clevelanders are very friendly people. My friends here in Cleveland made it feel like home, as soon as I got here. Cleveland has made me who I am."

We are very proud to support and celebrate P.O. Maliko Hamadi for his contributions to law enforcement in Cleveland!

Last week the City of Cleveland and the Division of Police honored the fearless women who serve and protect the city of Cleveland.


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