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2018 BSPA Gift Giveaway!

The Black Shield Police Association


On Friday, December 21, The Black Shield Police Association in tandem with the Vanguards of Cleveland, partnered with Adlai Stevenson and AJ Rickoff for a children's gift giveaway!

Special thanks to our marvelous community partners:

- Chief Calvin Williams

- Cleveland Vanguards, especially Captain Tyree Thompson

- Duck Island Club

- Literacy In The Hood

- Villa: Join the Movement

- Cleveland Police Foundation

- Harvard Square Center

- Bethany Christian Church

- 3rd District Commander McCartney

- 4th District Commander Kutz

- 5th District Commander Sammy Morris

- Cleveland Municipal Court | Prosecutor's Office

- Channel 19 News: Harry Boomer

- Channel 8 News: Peggy Gallek

- Councilman Blaine Griffin

- AJ Rickoff Elementary

- Adlai Stevenson Elementary

- Cleveland residents and families

Your gracious donations have provided a more magical holiday season for Cleveland's most vulnerable kids and families. We thank you humbly, from the bottom of our hearts.


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